Puzzle Warriors 3 Thirty-Sixth episode. (Podcast #36)
"Winter Soldier + Magneto = Buckyballs"

Covering 4/27-5/4  2016

* This weeks events

 : Deadpool dailies: Wed red Daredevil, Thur red Shehulk, Fri black Deadpool, Sat black Gamora, Sun pur Black Widow, Mon green Loki, Tue blue Daken, Wed green Squirrel Girl

 : Crash of the Titans: 4/22 was Amadeus Cho, and 4/27 was Miles, 5/2 is Venom

* PVE Events: 

 : Deadpool VS finished up, anyone get a Drax?
​ : Venom:heroic is going on now, 18k red shehulk, 35k 25 cp, 1-10 is Miles, 11-200 is cap marvel

 : May 5th is Civil War round 1

 * PVP Events: Season 25 is up and running!

 : God of Lies running now, 800 gre loki, 1k red nova, 1300 for 25cp, 1st is drax, 2-100 is doc oc.
 : Kinfe Fight, no rewards yet.

Civil War information!

* Team Affiliation information!

* So many new characters, Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers (First Avenger), Iron Man (XLVI), and War Machine....read the info here!

* And, this week featured character            

                                                  : Magneto!


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