A Podcast for fans of Marvel Puzzle Quest **

Puzzle Warriors 3 Thirty-Ninth episode. (Podcast #39)
"The Colossus of Rhodey"

Covering 5/18-5/25  2016

* This weeks events

 : Deadpool dailies: Wed black Colossus, Thur black Cyclops, Fri black Hood, Sat green Doc Oc, Sun green Thor, Mon yellow Cap Marvel, Tue yellow Iron Man, Wed black Iron Fist

 : Crash of the Titans: 5/17 was Nick Fury, 5/22 should be Invisible Woman

* PVE Events: 

​ : Meet Rocket and Groot, 17k for gre rocket and groot, 30k for 25 cp. Top 10 are 4 star Cyclops covers, 11-200 is Quicksilver
 : Iso-8 botherhood, 44k for black Quicksilver, 90k for 25 cp. 1-100 get War Machine covers, 101-200 get Punisher

 * PVP Events: New Season is underway.

 : Shield Simulator, 800 red Torch, 1200 blue Quicksilver, 1400 green Iron Fist, 1700 purple Kamala Khan, 2k is black Drax.

 : Fist Bump wrapped up. 800 black Iron Fist, 1k purple Gwen, 1300 for the cp. 1st was Starlord, 2-100 Luke Cage
 : Sticks and Stones, 800 red Cage, 1k red Starlord, 1300 for the cp. 1st is red Thing, 2-100 is Psylocke

New survey ... what do you think of that?

* War Machine

* Patch R101

* Rocket and Groot scaling testing

* And, this week featured character            

                                                  : Colossus