Puzzle Warriors 3 Forty-second episode. (Podcast #42)
"Derailed at the Start" 

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Covering 6/8-6/15  2016

* This weeks events

 : Deadpool dailies: Wed red Deadpool, Thur green Gamora, Fri green Black Widow, Sat black Loki, Sun purple Daken, Mon yellow Squirrel, Tue black Doom, Wed purple Mystique

 : Crash of the Titans: 6/6 was Deadpool, 

on 6/11 is She-Thor

* PVE Events: 

​ : Venom Bomb is running 17.5k is purple KK, 42k is 25 CP. 1-10 is teen Jean, 11-200 is Iron Fist

 : Enemy of the State is next, 64k is iron fist, 116k is 25 CP. 1-10 is X-23, 11-200 is Mohwak


 * PVP Events:

 : Shield Simulator this season, 900 punisher, 1200 doc oc, 1400 battery man, 1700 luke cage, 2k is war machine
 : Coverquirrel wrapped up. 800 for pur squirrel, 1k was carnage. 1300 for the cp. 1st was cyclops, 2-100 is grey suit
 : Hollowpoint Kiss runnig now. 800 red gre suit, 1k for Cyclops, 1300 for the cp. 1st is Kate, 2-100 Magneto covers

* The 5 star drop rate and iso change.

New mission difficulty test, starting with Enemy of the State

* And, this week featured character            

                                                  : Invisible Woman


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