A Podcast for fans of Marvel Puzzle Quest **

Puzzle Warriors 3 Forty-seventh episode. (Podcast #47)
"We go GRAAAGH! for the Hulk" 

Covering 7/13-7/20  2016

* This weeks events:

 : Deadpool dailies: wed red cage, thu gre rocket and groot, fri blu spidey, sat blu daredevil, sun gre shehulk, mon pur dead pool, tue red gamora, wed red widow

 : Crash of the Titans: 7/11 was carnage,  7/16 is the Thing.

* PVE Events: 

 : Prodigal Sun wrapping up. 37k for blu ragnarok, 86k for the cp. Top ten get Nick Fury, and 11-200 get Spidey.
​ : Dark Avengers Heroic up next. 18.5k for Spidey, 39k for the cp. top ten get x-force deadpool and 11-200 get battery man.

 * PVP Events:

 : Shield Simulator this season, 900 magneto, 1200 vision, 1400 sam wilson, 1700 iron fist, 2k is moon knight
 : Trial by combat. 800 red shehulk, 1k black fantastic, 1300 for the cp. 1st is a fury, 2-100 are colossus covers.

* Piecing together the new Hulk!

* Hi-Fi's post on Powered-Up levels

* New DDQ Vault rewards!

* And, this week featured character            

                                                  : HULKBUSTER!