​​Puzzle Warriors 3 One-Hundred Ninth episode. (Podcast #109)
"Going Rogue with Scissors"

Covering 9/27-10/4  2017

* This weeks events:

 : Deadpool dailies: wed yel patch, thu gre torch, fri bla colossus, sat bla cyclops, sun bla hood, mon gre doc oc, tue gre sleeves, wed yel bdsm carol
​​​​ : Crash of the Titans:
9/25 was Cho vs. beast, 9/30 is x-force deapool vs. x-force woverine

​* PVE Events: 

 : Iso-8 is next, 31.5k for 6 big she-hulk covers, 57k is pur/yel cloak and dagger, 125k for the cp. 1-10 is carol, 11-300 is steve rogers
 : hearts of darkness, 17k is 3 hoods, 33.5, is red mockingbird, 54l is 30 cp. 1-200 is Rogue

 : Shield Training, 5200 gets you a total of 17k iso.

​​​​* PVP Events:

 : Go Go Power Season
​ : Shield Sim you get Vision, 3 Hood, and a Lockjaw for a bargain of 800 points.
 : Fresh Cut now, 800 bla psylocke, 900 blu lockjaw, 1200 for the cp. 1-5 is Cage, 6-50 is grey suit

* R136


* Shield Trainig and special vault

* New characters Rogue, and gambit, and nightcrawler 

​* And, this week BOOSTED CHARACTERS:

   3*: Gamora, Loki, Sentry, Tanos, and Patch

​   4*: Captain Marvel, Cloak and Dagger, Red hulk, and X-23!



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