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Ep 424: New character is a real drag

Ep 423: Charlie wreaks Havok on MCU

Ep 422: We fail English? That unpossible!

Ep 421: A shocking new 2 star

Ep 420: Let's have a vampire Jubilee

Ep 419: An Infamous new four star

Ep 418: Get to the Thanos Choppa'!!

Ep 417: April showers bring May's powers

Ep 416: Emma gets a Frost-y review

Ep 415: The Black King and I

Ep 414: A special leap year show!

Ep 413: Thwip, Thwip, Bamphf!

Ep 412: Oscorp Spidey flies solo

Ep 411: The 411 on Victor

Ep 410: Gorr Drew some criticism

Ep 409: Formula 409

Ep 408: I think I'm aclone now

Ep 407: Dupes and Doops

Ep 406: 2023 Year End wrap-up

Ep 405: The Hunter to Read All Powers
Ep 404: Podcast not found

Ep 403: Gotta be kitten me

Ep 402: Chaider Man

Ep 401: New Peggys cause a Quandry

Ep 400: Quatercentenary!

Ep 399: Dr Bong is a big hit

Ep 398: Vanilla Ice 2.0

Ep 397: Yoga pants Spidey!

Ep 396: Pumped Up Kicks

Ep 395: In for a Peni, in for a pounding

Ep 394: Slashing the show runtime

Ep 393: Birds of a Feather

Ep 392: Negative Martin, the pattern is full

Ep 391: Little Red Riding Horseman

Ep 390: A Decade of Tile Destruction

Ep 389: Meeting our Milestones

Ep 388: An S+++ tier show

Ep 387: New character Rex the game

Ep 386: Over the moon with SAP tiles

Ep 385: Taking Pride in the Spiderverse

Ep 384: A Tale of Two Stacys

Ep 383: Volstagg arrives in Valhalla

Ep 382: All Charged up about Cosmo

Ep 381: Robocop v Ultraman

Ep 380: Ronan rules the Rod

Ep 379: Human Torch lights up 4/20

Ep 378: MPQ jumps the Shark

Ep 377: Allison's Dazzling rework

Ep 376: Clea's Strange new powers

Ep 375: Turner Da Hooch

Ep 374: Master Blaster rules Limbo!

Ep 373: No boosts for you!

​Ep 372: M'baku in your area

Special: Beginner's Tutorial
Special: 2to3 Star Transition
Special: Interview Joe Fletcher

Special: Interview w/ Demiurge - Bonus Heroes!

Special: Interview w/ Demiurge - Supports!

Special: Interview w/ Demiurge Endgame!

Ep 179: 12 minutes until showtime
EP 178: The secret ingredient is Maize
​EP 177: Hellcat surprisingly Victorious
EP 176: To Victor go the spoils
EP 175: Fantastic Facelift
EP 174: Filling the holiday void
EP 173: Pork for New Years; thwip, thwip, oink!
​EP 172: Carnage claws is coming to town
​EP 171: Fisky Business
EP 170: Like a four-star Bagman

EP 169: Brace yourself, it's not fun

EP 168: Deadpool's new clothes
EP 167: Bishop's stunning arrival
EP 166: Angry Ian Engaged
EP 165: Domino delivers, Kraven leaves ya cravin'
​EP 164: Sweet Summers Child
EP 163: Summers Family Fun Hour
EP 162: Samurai Sword Scrambles Egghead
EP 161: Slippery Robots

EP 160: No more mister nice Pie

EP 159: The Shadowcat knows!
EP 158: Bundles Bounce!
EP 157: Drunk on Dazzler
EP 156: Sand in my Cinna-stix
EP 155: Amy Pond's day job
EP 154: Soggy bottom Hulk
EP 153: Stay calm and low-key
EP 152: I'm the White Queen, cuckoo kachoo
EP 151: The White Queen Dazzles
EP 150: Getting Lucky with Supports

EP 149: Looking for Ghost in all the Wong places
EP 148: All the Fireworks, still no Dazzler
EP 147: Gambit nerf brings Hope
EP 146: Samurai 'Saved' the day
EP 145: Wiccan Awesome

EP 144: A Gross Episode
EP 143: Time Lords and Iron Spiders
EP 142: Vine Dream Comes True
EP 141: Okoye and the 7 Fishes
EP 140: Black Betty Frangipane
EP 139: Natty Lightens her hair
EP 138: I'm a lumber Cap, and I'm ok

EP 137: The Puzzle Leprechauns 3
EP 136: Snarky remarks about Jubilee
EP 135: A Brief History of Pie
EP 134: Fight of the Valkyrie
EP 133: Bologna, $19 a pound
EP 132: Jonesing for a new 5-star
EP 131: Spidey Sensationalizes
EP 130: ...and don't call me Shuri
EP 129: Cap and IM vs Burns and Allen
EP 128: Hail to the King
EP 127: Back to the Beginning
EP 126: I'm Robbie Reyes! That's Crazy!
EP 125: The Taste of Purple

​EP 124: Kraven some K.D.Lang
EP 123: We resolve to play more MPQ
EP 122: The All Pie Hour
EP 121: Punch Drunk
EP 120: Bye Bye Gambit Battery Guy
EP 119: Animations
EP 118: Ooh she's a little Runaway
EP 117: MPQ updates by 'This UI'
EP 116: Hulk's new Derby Hat
EP 115: The music in Craig's head
EP 114: Thor's smoldering gaze

EP 113: Rails? We don't need rails
EP 112: Devil with the blue skin on
EP 111: PW3 in the Poop House  + Joe!
EP 110: Apocalyptic rouge backlash
EP 109: Going Rogue with Scissors - Boosted characters!
EP 108: Vulture soars to level 9 w/ Vulture
EP 107: Bags and Boards w/ Gamora
EP 106: Pie Warriors 3  w/ Rocket&Groot
EP 105: Who let the dog out? w/ Mordo

EP 104: The Devil and Miss Natchios w/ Cloak and Dagger
EP 103: Everyone....Hyde!
 w/ Iron Fist
EP 102: Yondu Poppin(s) In
 w/ Agent Coulson
EP 101: Sleeves calls a storm
 w/ Captain Marvel
EP 100: Episode 100 Extravaganza! w/ Anthony, Patch, and Tim from Demiurge!
EP 099: 99 problems but a title ain't one
 w/ Black Widow
EP 098: The Vulture Circles
 w/ Thanos
EP 097: Clayface v Sandman
 w/ Doctor Strange
EP 096: This is how you get Green Goblins
 w/ Green Goblin
EP 095: The Black(bolt) Album w/ Black Bolt
​EP 094: Enter Sandman
 w/ The Hulk
EP 093: Lonely Man in a Black Suit
 w/ Spider-Man
EP 092: 1-800-Unsafe-Otto
 w/ Iron Man (Mark XLVI)
EP 091: ZZ / DC
 w/ Steve Rogers
EP 090: Gamora Eviscerates Intercepts
 w/ Phoenix
EP 089: Old Man and the Baby (Groot)
 w/ OML
EP 088: Puzzle Quest in the City
 w/ Silver Surfer
​EP 087: My God, it's full of Star Lords
 w/ Medusa
EP 086: Itsy Bitsy News Segment
 w/ Spider Woman
EP 085: Talen Agent Venom w/ Agent Venom
EP 084: Carnage and OML double-crossed by Elektra
 w/ Luke Cage
EP 083: Jenda brings Blade to a puzzle fight
 w/ Blade + JendaMcGlynn
EP 082: Kate gets Rand(y) w/ Kate Bishop
EP 081: Shallow end of the Gwenpool
 w/ Gwenpool
EP 080: All abuzz about Hawkeye
 w/ Wasp
EP 079: Phil orders up some more Tex Mex
 w/Spider Gwen
EP 078: The Destroyer and Mrs. Muir
 w/ Drax
EP 077: Mordo to make croissants
 w/ Moon Knight

EP 076: A Frank discussion on Civil War w/ Punisher (Max)
EP 075: Deviled Duck Eggs
 w/ Devil Dino redux
EP 074: Chi Chi Rodrigrez
 w/ Invisible Woman redux
EP 073: Cho-tally upgraded Hulk
 w/ Amadeus redux Cho
Ep 072: Anime-zing level of play
 w/ Starlord redux and Animerat
​Ep 071: All Rhodes lead to Galactus
 w/ War Machine
Ep 070: Titanic Winter Event
 w/ Winter Soldier

Ep 069: Aesthetocyst ducks our questions w/ Howard + Aesthetocyst
Ep 068: Token Tourettes
 w/ Thor
Ep 067: Medusa arrives, Carnage ensues
 w/ Deadpool + doblexx
Ep 066: Uncanny Holiday Episode
 w/ Cyclops
Ep 065: Demiurge Signal Transmission Intercepted
 w/ Sam Wilson + Demiurge!

Ep 064: West Coast Warriors Return w/ Peggy

Ep 063: LBH shakes up the podcast w/ Quake

Ep 062: Venom's been acting Strange... w/ Venom

Ep 061: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Xavier! w/ Prof X

Ep 060: Danger Wilson Fisk, Danger! w/ Wilson Fisk + Danger

Ep 059: the Dino RRRAAAWWWRs back! w/ Nova

Ep 058: Severed81 makes a S.P.L.O.O.S.H. w/ Severed 81

Ep 057: Show so nICE we did it twICE w/ Iceman + Demiurge!

Ep 056: We have clearance, Clarence w/ X-23

Ep 055: Jean Grey's guardian Angel w/ Jean Grey + Angel

Ep 054: Curious Case of Craig's Cover Conspiray w/ Ghost Rider

Ep 053: A stretch to understand Reed w/ Mr. Fantastic

Ep 052: Jean Dixon, MPQ psychic w/ Ant-Man + hesjingixen

Ep 051: It's Mr. Boltagon to you! w/ Red Hulk and Demiurge

Ep 050: Big Orange Dork .. and Guest w/ the Thing + AlphaTeam

Ep 049: Wasp takes the sting out of Craig's Fury w/ Nick Fury
Ep 048: Ultron Attacks! Venom dies in Carnage w/ Carnage + NobleBrownCoat
Ep 047: We go GRAAAGH! for Hulk  w/ Hulkbuster
Ep 046: A Lordly amount of vines w/ Star Lord

Ep 045: Elektra-fying Interview  w/ Elektra + Demiurge
Ep 044: Dino-Knight   w/ Devil Dino + VIP Details
Ep 043: Jason and the Argue-nauts w/ XF Wolverine + VIP
Ep 042: Derailed at the Start  w/ Invisible Woman + Cut/Uncut -Ian +Leonard
Ep 041: Because...Boomerangs  w/ TA Hulk
Ep 040: Parandiac hits the Bullseye w/ Bullseye + Parandiac
Ep 039: The Colossus of Rhodey w/ Colossus
Ep 038: Race for your life, Ironman
 w/ Iron Man 40
Ep 037: Dave's Crime of the Sentry
 w/ Sentry + fahq1977
Ep 036: Buckyballs
 w/ Magneto + Civil War
Ep 035: Wrong side of the Drax
 w/ Black Widow
Ep 034: Ragnarduck
 w/ Ragnorok
Ep 033: Duck Duck Cthulhu
  w/ Thor + Cthulhu Interview
Ep 032: That's So Raven
 w/ Mystique
Ep 031: Some AngrySalad tossed in
 w/ Kamala Khan + AngrySalad

Ep030: A new Vision of Scaling  w/ Vision + Scaling test
Ep 029: A Dollop of Daisy  w/ Patch
Ep 028: Daken on Heaven's Door  w/ Daken
Ep 027: Leonard Part 6   w/ Steve Rogers + Leonard
Ep 026: Take A Wakanda Wild Side w/ Black Panther + DDQ changes

Ep 025: A Single Eye on Gwen  w/ Cyclops
Ep 024: I drink your Milkshake!  w/ Loki + 20 ISO gone
Ep 023: The New New Rocket Man  w/ She-Hulk
Ep 022: Punisher fails to Dazzle w/ Punisher
Ep 021: Aw Nuts, another Spidey  w/ Squirrel Girl
Ep 020: Shake hands with Stinkpalm w/ Quicksilver + Champions + Stinkpalm
Ep 019: Merry Christmakwanzakah  w/ Iron Fist
Ep 018: Farewell Mr. Fletcher  w/ Spiderman
Ep 017: ..and Miles to go  w/ Captain Marvel
Ep 016: A Witch Called Wanda  w/ Scarlet Witch + Champions?
Ep 015: Rock me Amadeus by Falco(n) w/ Falcon
Ep 014: Wrasslin' w/ R&G  w/ Rocket & Groot
Ep 013: Negative Ghost Rider  w/ Psylocke
Ep 012: Green Ladies & MPQ Widows w/ Gamora + More on CP
Ep 011: Ours Goes to 11   w/ Deadpool + Command Points
Ep 010: Black Fantastic   w/ Beast
Ep 009: Neener-Neener   w/ Doc Oc
Ep 008: It's all good in the 'hood w/ The Hood
Ep 007: Logan's Run on MPQ  w/ Human Torch + Galactus
Ep 006: Let the Spice Flow  w/ Dr Doom
Ep 005: Get in the Cage   w/ The Hulk
Ep 004: Legen...wait for it  w/ Storm (Mohawk)
Ep 003: Five Star Vacation  w/ Daredevil + 5*s Announced
Ep 002: Captain Falcon America  w/ Luke Cage
Ep 001: Righteous Uppercut  w/ Blade

Ep 371: A traditionally strong podcast

Ep 370: I Kang. I saw. I conquered

​Ep 369: Teasers and unfulfilled promises

Ep 368: A Wing and a prayer

Ep 367: Pop Pop!

Ep 366: Wongers, can we get a fro-yo?

Ep 365: Double double boosted boosted

Ep 364: An Abominable new character

Ep 363: Monkey Butler Death Strike

Ep 362: Multi Dextrose Corn Syrup

Ep 361: Undur da Sea

Ep 360: Riri overcharges her EV

Ep 359: David S. Deathlok

Ep 358: Magic-Proof Duck Feathers

Ep 357: .357 MAGNUM

Ep 356: Craig teaches the Watcher how to poop

Ep 355: A Puddle of Pleasure

​Ep 354: Shine like a Diamond

Ep 353: Piping hot soup

Ep 352: Reptil feeling Empowered!

Ep 351: Lil Puzzle Warriors 3

Ep 350: Lochness Monster Size Episode

Ep 349: New Spidey glides in

Ep 348: Ben passively watches cricket

Ep 347: A Gorry new boss event

Ep 346: New Gorr Star Character

Ep 345: 14th Century Irish Chalk Folk Art

Ep 344: Me Thor, You Jane

Ep 343: I'm Hulkling the 8th I am

Ep 342: Welcome Broken Circle!


Ep 340: New Boss Event! Madness!

Ep 339: New Character comes up Short

Ep 338: 2099 problems but a Spider isn't one

Ep 337: The Other Gargantos

Ep 336: The Whitman Sampler

Ep 335: Charlie's empty mailbag

Ep 334: Juggernaut enjoys a croissant

Ep 333: Recently Riri-worked Ironheart

Ep 332: Icy reception for Gert

Ep 331: Black Knight takes pawn

Ep 330: Crystal to the Rescue

Ep 329: Enterprising Episode

Ep 328: Rhino bowls over enemies

Ep 327: MPQ v MMA

Ep 326: She Blinded me with Sai-ence

Ep 325: Black Knight History Month

Ep 324: May be a new character

Ep 323: Mounting Relief of Whoolly's return

​Ep 322: S.W.O.R.D. demands Brand loyalty

Ep 321: 3-2-1-Contact!

Ep 320: A Wheelie big show

Ep 319: Ray Nails the top 3

Ep 318: Episode 318 ... 318 ... 318

Ep 317: Sersiously...

Ep 316: PW 3:16

Ep 315: Ikaris flies into MPQ

Ep 314: Ghost Rider turns villains to Mincemeat

Ep 313: Bagman's return to relevance

Ep 312: Stay Awhile and Listen to the show

Ep 311: Blob 8, the Anniversary

Ep 310: Animated about MPQ

Ep 309: Ouch, Ultron bit my finger

Ep 308: Et tu, Craig?

Ep 307: Shang Chi falls for Pyramid scheme

Ep 306: Taking a Gamble on Gator

Ep 305: Gator ate Ian

Ep 304: Form Blazing Sword!

Ep 303: Odin defends against The Villain

Ep 302: Galactus causes extinction!

Ep 301: Puzzle Solving with Kate


Ep 299: Shocking new clues

Ep 298: I am the Mantis, coo coo cachoo

Ep 297: Show like a box of chocolates

Ep 296: Same Kree time, same Kree stataion

Ep 295: X-Men in the City

Ep 294: Sinistix v the Civic Minded 5

Ep 293: Cornolio, a result of Sinister Genetics

Ep 292: We three Puzzle Kings in Black

Ep 291: An Episode DeVoid of preparation

Ep 290: Exploring a Spectrum of Muppets

Ep: 289: Brought to you by... THAT guy!

Ep 288: Ms. Scarlet in the Lounge with her Mind

Ep 287: Unified by shortbread

Ep 286: I choose you, Morbius!

Ep 285: KickSpit Underground UI changes

Ep 284: Colossal Infomercial Special

Ep 283: Short show, what up wit dat?

Ep 282: Oscar for Beast Picture

Ep 281: A Kra-Van down by the river

Ep 280: I choo choo choose Cyclops

Ep 279: Bleeping Scott

Ep 278: Silk Stalkings

Ep 277: Pretty fly for a new UI

Ep 276: Yellowjacket, in the Study with the Candlestick

Ep 275: Episode 867,5309

Ep 274: Darkseid, the first mad titan

Ep 273: 'Twas the show before Christmas

Ep 272: Adam the Gold-Nosed Warlock

Ep 271: Red Hot Nail Guns

Ep 270: Rock you like a hurricane

Ep 269: 3 Turkeys and a pile of leftovers

Ep 268: The Silent Treatment

Ep 267: Veterans' Day Quests

Ep 266: Direct from Russia

Ep 265: A Killer episode

Ep 264: Tea, Biscuits, and Shotguns Akimbo

Ep 263: God save the team

Ep 262: Sympathy for the Deadpool

Ep 261: Year 7, the Chimichanga Anniversary

Ep 260: Tip o' the hat to Warhead

Ep 259: P.U.Z.Z.L.E. Warriors 3

Ep 258: A Rainbow of Smells

Ep 257: Lorna's Polarizing debut

Ep 256: Four to the Fourth

Ep 255: The 13th Puzzle Warrior

Ep 254: MPQ dreams up a new Wolverine

Ep 253: Craps! We forgot Eddie.

Ep 252: It's curtains for MPQ

Ep 251: Play Misty for me

Ep 250: The Final Countdown to R206

Ep 249: I'd Killmonger for some candy

Ep 248: Your palate offends me

Ep 247: A Legion of Wizards

Ep 246: Another lazy episode

Ep 245: An Onslaught of Five Stars

Ep 244: Cheesin with Conway Twitty

Ep 243: It's Patsy!

​Ep 242: A futzed up episode

Ep 241: En Sabah Nur

Ep 240: PW3 Lightning Round

Ep 239: What is Bologna?

Ep 238: 5 Star Bruce Willis

Ep 237: Quizmaster 78

Ep 236: Recently Reworked version 236

Ep 235: Not that kind of Green Door

Ep 234: 525,600 hours of MPQ

Ep 233: Show starts at 16:42

Ep 232: A Perfectly Rosy Discussion

​Ep 231: Cruel Summers

​​Ep 230: Cowboy Monkey Rodeo

Ep 229: Karnak the Shatnerer

​Ep 228: Soon: Without undo time lapse

Ep 227: Nathan McTrapsalot

Ep 226: Full Stache

Ep 225: Brain Margled

Ep 224: Minnesotan Northstars are back!

Ep 223: A Visit from the Puzzle Warriors 3

Ep 222: (Title Boycotted)

Ep 221: 220, 221, whatever it takes

Ep 220: Small Wonder on DVD and Beta Ray

Ep 219: That 70s Night Court

Ep 218: Shard Attack!

Ep 217: November Rahne

Ep 216: Best when paired with Melonhead

Ep 215: Absolutely Halloween

Ep 214: Pipe

Ep 213: Wrestling to stay on topic

Ep 212: 2099th Spider-Man!

Ep 211: Another Worthy Episode

Ep 210: Captain Hammer, he's our hero

Ep 209: Gwenpool Daily Quest

Ep 208: Kraven tested, D3 approved

Ep 207: Android Jim

Ep 206: Puzzle Warriors 2

Ep 205: 5 Buck Chuck

Ep 204: 1.21 Juggawatts

Ep 203: Raising Cain

Ep 202: Samurai's Showdown

Ep 201: Everyone's favorite Summers: Bishop

EP 200: A Bi-Coastal Bi-Centennial with D3Go! and DemiUrge!

EP 199: Mysterio Slydes into MPQ

EP 198: Look kids, Spider-Man, Uncle Ben

EP 197: Bye Felicia

EP 196: Flippin Lucky with Synergies

EP 195: Catagory 5 Storm

EP 194: Best, paired with Okoye

EP 193: MPQ finally Victor!

EP 192: MPQ gets GOOPed

EP 191: The Final Showdown

EP 190: Ronin vs Samurai

EP 189: Thanos wrecks the show

Ep 188: Okoye warms up the show

Ep 187: Stinky Pete Fifteen
Ep 186: Hela Odinsdottir, Crossfit champ

Ep 185: Our brand new Support Corner

Ep 184: Talos shifts our focus to Pi

Ep 183: Thunder Gun Express

Ep 182: How to eat corn

Ep 181: Carol Shark do do da do did do

Ep 180: Do you believe in Magik?