A Podcast for fans of Marvel Puzzle Quest **

Puzzle Warriors 3 One-Hundred Sixty-first episode. (Podcast #161)
"Slippery Robots"

Covering 10/3-10/10  2018

* This weeks events: 

 : Deadpool dailies: wed pur squirrel
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ : Crash of the Titans:
9/30 baby groot. 10/5 is Yondu, 10/10 is Mockingbird

​​​​​* PVE Events: 

​​​​​ : Honor Among Thieves, 3 Gambit, Yel Cage, 30cp. 1-50 get Emma Frost, 51-400 Mystique
 : Strange Sights, 3 Mystique, pur emma, 30cp. 1-200 get new Taskmaster

 : Shield Training for Taskmaster. featuring peggy, emma, and janet van dyne

​​​​​​​​​​​* PVP Events:

 : Out of Season
 : Shield Sim, ...
​ : Stars and Strikes, red hulk, yel merica, 15cp. 1-10 Devil Dino, 11-50 Bullseye

* D3Go at NYCC
* MPQ5th Anniversary Celebration 

* Taskmaster! (this character will break Ian)

​​​​* And, this week BOOSTED CHARACTERS:

4-Star: Blade (Modern), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Cloak and Dagger, Deadpool (Uncanny X-Force), X-23
3-Star: Bullseye (Classic), Gambit (Modern), The Hulk (Indestructible), The Punisher (Dark Reign), Thor (Modern)
2-Star: Ares, Black Widow (Original)
1-Star: Iron Man (Model 35), Spider-Man (Original)