Puzzle Warriors 3 Two-Hundred forty-first episode. (Podcast #241)
"En Sabah Nur"

Covering 5/6-5/13 2020

* This weeks events: 

 : Deadpool dailies: wed blu mystique, thu red hulk, fri blu falcon, sat blu psylocke, sun gre beast, mon bla bullseye, tue red cap, wed gre sentry

 : 5-day Crash: 5/2 was Quake?, 5/7 is Danny Rand , 5/12 is Drax

​​​​​​​* PVE Events: 

 :  Cosmic Chaos Progression : Angel,Super Skrull, Cap. 1st av Placement: Doc Ock, Maria Hill, Hulk imm.
​​​​​​​ : thick as thieves, doc oc, maria hill covers and shards. immortal hulk shards. place new char shards and MEH

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​* PVP Events:

​​ : Back to Life Season
 : shield sim, beast, starlord, and superskrull
​​ : wakanda forever, magneto, king o wakanda, , place is karnak and story shards

* R201
* Release announcement 

* Apocalypse!

​​​​* And, this week BOOSTED CHARACTERS:

4-Star: Cloak & Dagger, M.O.D.O.K., Red Hulk, Talos, Wolfsbane
3-Star: Black Widow, Daredevil, Doctor Doom, Sentry, Storm
2-Star: Ares, Storm
1-Star: Iron Man, Juggernaut


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