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This week's info-graphic! from UNC_Samurai!

Puzzle Warriors 3 One-Hundred Eightieth episode. (Podcast #180)
"Do you believe in Magik?"

Covering 2/13-2/20  2019

* This weeks events: 

 : Deadpool dailies: 
wed blu panther, thu red magneto, fri yel storm, sat red cage, sun gre rocket, mon blu spidey, tue blu daredevil, wed gre shehulk
​​​ : 5-day Crash: 
2/7 was drax, 2/12 is fury, 2/17 is Venom

​​​​​​​* PVE Events: 

​​​​​​​ : hearts of darkness, 3 sentry, prof x, 30cp. 1-50 bishop, 51-400 elektra
​​​​ : strange sights, 3 elektra, bishop 30cp. 1-200 get Magik
​ : shield training Required Characters: 4-Star: Magik (Classic), Bishop, Rocket & Groot (Awesome Mix Volume 2), Iron Fist (Danny Rand)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​* PVP Events:

​​ : in between seasons
​ : shield sim: n/a
​ :
pvp matchmaking, gambit, prowler, 15cp. 1-10 Scott, 11-50 Hulk

* Atlantis support
* Magik! 

​​​​​​​* And, this week BOOSTED CHARACTERS:

4-Star: Cyclops (Classic), Kate Bishop, Riri Williams, Sandman, Spider-Gwen
3-Star: Captain Marvel (Modern), The Hulk (Indestructible), Iron Fist (Immortal Weapon), Luke Cage (Hero for Hire), Thor (Modern)
2-Star: Black Widow (Original), Bullseye (Dark Avengers)
1-Star: Hawkeye (Classic), Iron Man (Model 35)