​​Puzzle Warriors 3 One-Hundred Twelfth episode.

          (Podcast #112)
"Devil with the blue skin on"

Covering 10/18-10/25  2017

* This weeks events:

 : Deadpool dailies: wed yel magneto, thu gre storm, fri yel cage, sat yel groot, sun yel spidey, mon pur DD, tue blue she-hulk, wed red deadpool
​​​​​​ : Crash of the Titans:
10/13 was elektra? 10/20 is kingpin, 10/25 is wolverine

​* PVE Events: 

 : deadpool vs finishing up, 8k is 3 magneto total, 15k for pur mordo, 32k for 30cp. 1-50 is baby groot. 51-400 starlord

 : The Hunt, 15.5k is 3 starlord, 26k is yellow baby groot, 55k for 30 cp. 1-200 is Kurt Wagner
 : Shield Training back again

​​​​* PVP Events:

 : black vortex, 800 gre starlord, 900 black mordo, 1200 for the cp. 1-5 is fantastic, 6-50 is mohawk.

time season

* shield training

* new boosts

* Nightcrawler

​* And, this week BOOSTED CHARACTERS:

   4*: Drax, Gwenpool, The Hulk (Totally Awesome), Lockjaw, Wasp
​   3*: Black Widow (Grey Suit), Steve Rogers (Super Soldier), Captain Marvel (Modern), Doctor Doom, Spider-Man (Classic)



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